Monday, March 31, 2008

Lastest Gaming Hardware - Playstation 3

And the integration between it and the psp is bloody marvellous. And it runs Ubuntu, not quite out of the box, but with a little fiddling. Time to get another usb keyboard and mouse I think.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stranger's Wrath

I've lost the interest I had in the game, it's become far too repetitive. I think I'll retire this one to the 'come back to later' pile.

Monday, March 24, 2008

In-laws PC

My in-laws' pc has suffered a hdd failure. So I've sourced one from an old pc I had, and I've got that to install and the whole pc to set up. It seems to be the month for pc failures, hopefully this will be the end of them for a while.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Creswell Crags to Holbeck - There and Back again

Today we walked some of trail 1 of the Walking in & Around Sherwood Forest. Apart from taking a wrong turn and getting a little lost we had a good morning. Unfortunately all of the snow that started the day had cleared by the time we were enroute, so everywhere was just wet. I'd like to try it again when the weather is better, and now that we know where we're heading it should be much better. At least we managed to look inside all 5 of the
caves, which considering I'm born and bred in Derbyshire is a little disappointing that's it's taken me 38 years to see them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


The bathroom is finally taking some kind of shape. It ought to be, it's taken 9 months, although to be fair developing diabetes during the start of the project hasn't helped. Still, the end is now in sight, and it should be completed Monday-ish.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Google Bookmarks

I use lots of different pcs, so I'm experimenting with Google Bookmarks

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm trying to get the university buddies together for a bit of a weekend, and as usual it's turned into the herding cats being stung by bees scenario. I don't understand why it takes us so much effort to provide a list of dates where we're all free and then just pick one. But it does, and it feels like I've been organising this since Christmas. 2 of us have settled on a date (kind of), but I'm still waiting for confirmation from the others. John and Jez, get yer fingers out!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stranger's Wrath

I've had one of those moments - where suddenly everything comes together - and I feel a little more enlightened about the game. I should have been playing it less FPS style and more like a platformer, which I've started to do, and now I think I get it. Yay!

Sega CD

So my Sega CD seller has still not contacted me. I'm tired of waiting for it, so I've escalated it to an 'Item not received' status with PayPal.

Shower Screen

We recently had a new bathroom fitted, and we've been experiencing some leak problems with the shower screen. I've already had the guy back that fitted it all, and he's not cured it, so I've had it all apart and done it myself. Remember, silicone is your best friend

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Currently Reading

Man-Kzin Wars 2 - Man vs Kzin in Larry Niven's known space.

Stranger in a Strange Land - Not one of Heinlein's best in my opinion. I generally like Heinlein's stuff, but this one's just not ringing my bell.

The Complete Roderick -
I can't see how this got onto the Masterworks series, I've almost finished it, and it's left me completely cold. I can't put my finger on what's wrong with it, but it just feels that there's no story. It's almost a random collection of unconnected events, and Roderick's influence is secondary

Stranger's Wrath

I've been playing this for about 5 or 6 hours now, and I can't see what the big attraction is to it. The other games in the series are more interesting, and Stranger's dialog is really starting to irritate me. I'll give it a few more hours, but so far it's turning out to be nothing more than an FPS with animal ammo.

Currently Playing

Stranger's Wrath - XBox - FPS (ish) set in Oddworld

Geist - Game Cube - Ghostly first person puzzler

Wipeout Pure - PSP - Classic high speed racing on a hand-held

Metroid Prime 3 - Wii - Samus' first outing on the Wii. Nintendo hard (to be expected), but good controls and a great story

Sega CD

I bought a Sega CD from a guy on eBay a couple of weeks ago, the listing specifically said 'express delivery', so here I am still waiting for it. The guy's ignoring emails. I've requested his contact details from eBay this morning and sent him a text to see where it's at. If I don't get any response by Monday it looks like I'll be going down the 'non-performing seller' route. Git.

Dad's PC

Went to visit Mum & Dad last night, and Dad has a problem with his pc, can't remember his dsl username. So we find that, get him back online and his pc is running like a dog. Now it's not the fastest pc in the world anyway, but it normally runs better than this. Oddly his antivirus software has been turned up to maximum scanning - that'd do it everytime! Turned it back down to normal, and everything's coming up roses. Another technical hitch overcome.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Kid's PC

I've finally got around to fixing the kids pc today - the cpu cooling fan had developed a nasty buzz and vibrated pretty badly. Hopefully that'll be the last repairs I need to do to pcs for a while