Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The mind, it boggles

The Escapist : News : A Better Shave For Gamers

The Escapist reports on a new razor for 'Gamers' I mean Christ Almighty why, just why? Words totally fail me. What is it about gamers' faces that's so different from the rest of mankind?

What's wrong with a safety razor anyway? I use a Parker 90R - with a shaving brush and some decent soap it gives me the best shave I've ever had.


  1. I think it must be the auto-power-off feature. :-)

    Traditional shaving for the win!

  2. Another ridiculous product, right up there with GamerAde. Maybe they should make a Star Wars themed one that has the lightsabre sound effect as it carves up your face and leaves nasty razorburn. Disturbance in the force? Nah, just another dead battery and a pint of blood.

    What we really need is a shave brush with a handle shaped like a 1up mushroom...whoops did I say that out loud? :O